Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tiled Candle Sconces Tutorial

I painted the dining room to match the adjoining kitchen. When I finished tiling the backsplash, I had a bit of tile leftover. I wanted to carry it into the dining room since I loved it so much. I throught about framing some and hanging it but wasn't a fan when I actually tried it. So I went with a pair of sconces. I used a leftoverside  cabinet panel and kick board from redoing the kitchen. 

The only other thing I needed was the corner bead. 

After doing the backsplash in the kitchen I realized I needed to cover the edges- this worked perfectly. 

I grabbed my trusty tile nippers and chewed through the tiles that had an overhang. 

The edges actually came out fairly straight this time. 

So I laid the tiles out and trimmed the board to fit the tiles. 

Everything got a thick layer of liquid nails to keep it down. 

The lip at the bottom is for the candle shelf. 

I grouted and cut the corner bead at 45 degree angles to make the corners 

screwing the candle shelf on took 5 very carefully measured screws. 

I had extra 1/4 round from finishing the floor trim so I added that to the front and sides of the shelf to finish it. Any raw edges of the gray pieces were painted with matching paint. 

I used 2 small screw eyes and heavy picture wire to hang these. 

The drywall anchors used are meant to hold a lot more weight than these sconces- which made me feel safe hanging them. 


Later on I swapped out the small white votives for larger matching grey ones and used liquid nails to secure them to the shelf 

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