Saturday, October 24, 2015

Laundry room renovation

This laundry room started as a standard sized closet nook on the 2nd floor. The hookups were already there and we decided to just keep things simple by putting the washer and dryer in the same spots as they used to be.  Once the burgundy and cream checkered wallpaper was peeled, scraped, chipped, and chiseled off, we moved the washer and dryer in. At least I could use them until the room was finished. The cabinets we used were the old kitchen cabinets. A bit of sandpaper, primer, and paint went a long way to spruce them up. 
Husband and his brother hung them for me. 
The shelf over the kitchen windows got chopped up and screwed between the cabinets to make the whole thing look even more built-in. 
The counter was made of standard lumber and then stained a dark cherry. It's sitting atop 2"x2"s that we're screwed into the studs. It was lined up to overhang the front of the washer and dryer a bit. The back edge is set way from the wall about 4" to allow for cords to be easily plugged in. 
I now have a HUGE place to fold laundry! 

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