Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween bread tutorial

I think holidays are a great excuse to make food fun. I tend to go a bit overboard with lunches as is but holidays help to excuse my extra effort.  My son LOVES fun lunches and I enjoy making them. Everyone wins. :) Last year for Halloween, I made "bleeding" skulls (white gummy skulls with raspberry filling). Those still may make a comeback this year. If you're curious, here is the link:

I recently started making all of our bread and rolls. I found a sandwich bread recipe that stays soft for several days and is easy to make without a bread machine. It isn't my recipe but you can check it out here:

To make the bread Halloween-y, I added an orange swirl.  The 2nd loaf I made had a double swirl: orange and black. It is very festive. For Christmas I'll do a red and green swirl, for spring- pastels. The options are endless. 
So here is my dough after it doubled the 1st time. I also have my sandwich loaf pan lightly greased, orange food dye, and flour for rolling out the dough. 
Once the dough is rolled out, double check to make sure it isn't wider than your pan in 1 direction.
Drizzle with some orange dye and spread it out. A fair amount of the dye ended up stuck in my pastry brush which is why I drizzled extra. 
Roll your dough like a cinnamon roll, put in pan, let rise until double before baking.  Rolling out the dough got rid of a lot of the loft.  It will take longer to rise than the recipe suggests because of this. 
Bake as per the recipe and this is what you'll get when you slice it. 
Round 2: the double swirl. 
It starts out relatively the same but you need a loooong rectangle this time. Again, no wider than the pan in 1 direction. 
This time only put orange dye on half of the dough,  
Gently fold the dough in half. 
Put black dye on the top of the dough and roll. 
Once rolled, pinch shut and put the pinched seam down in the greased pan. If you used too much flour to roll out your dough, the seam will not stick together. Wet your fingers slightly and try again. 

Voila! Halloween bread perfect for school lunches!! 

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