Saturday, July 11, 2015


What a spring/early summer it has been!!! Holy cow have we been busy!  Having a newborn in the house makes life exponentially more enjoyable and tougher at the same time.  Luckily she is wonderfully sweet and easy.  She started sleeping through the night a few weeks ago.  On top of everything else, our newly turned 2 year old decided she is done with diapers (YES!).  So I now spend hours a day following her into the bathroom and waiting with her.  It's all worth it in the end though. Here's what we've been up to.

First: The chicken coop and run are finished and house our flock of 14! We have 5 Australorps, 5 Delawares, and 4 Plymouth Barred Rock hens.  The girls are approaching 16 weeks and should start laying very very soon. Due to the sheer number of pictures I took of the process, their coop build has its own post.

Second: We had our private road and 1/4 mile long driveway graded and paved- it is SO nice not to bottom out going down the driveway!  Brother-in-law came and stayed with us for another week and used an excavator to dig out our old torn up pavement and compact a new base layer.  The guys also dug new ditches and planted them with grass and clover to keep water from washing the ditches away.  It was a tough few days trucking the kids up and down a steep half mile drive until it was dry and cured enough to drive on.  Luckily my sister was in town and "happily" hauled groceries with me.  No worries- I paid her in beer and food.  ;) The entire exterior of our house is now new- new siding, roof, windows, driveway, and landscaping is in progress. The decks and fences will be upgraded and stained next.

Third: Husband and I took up building furniture! (As if we didn't have enough going on already...) We built a picnic table and two benches off a picture we saw online.  It came out better than we hoped.  He did most of the building on this one.

Fourth: We hosted family in town for C's 2nd birthday!  We went with a Minnie theme and had so much fun.  All of the food was pink!  Chicken salad in pink pasta shells, pink cherry fluff salad, Minnie mouse 'club'house sandwiches, pink raspberry mousse pie, pink savory beet dip from my own beets, chips and salsa, pink cupcakes, pink cosmos (for the adults), and pink strawberry lemonade.

Fifth: I finished the dining room curtains. It was a surprisingly easy project but they look phenomenal. keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial

Sixth: We made a trip to 2 separate zoos: Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo and the Smithsonian Zoo in D.C. Both were fantastic.

Seventh: We put the kids to work at my Aunt and Uncle's dairy farm.  It's E's favorite place to visit.

If you have questions about anything here (especially the coop), need something clarified, or are interested in more detailed measurements- send me an email at  I am happy to share.

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