Monday, April 13, 2015

Cleaning nylon high chair straps

Have a highchair at home? Take a look at the straps. They're probably pretty funky looking. They're also super easy to clean! 
You'll need:
*a glass jar with a tight fitting lid- I used an old applesauce jar
*dishwasher detergent
*boiling water

These are from my daughter's highchair. Simply put- they're gross.
Remove them from the chair and stuff them into your glass jar, buckles and all.  Sprinkle in 1Tbsp of dishwasher detergent.  I have powdered currently but the gel kind works well too. I've even used powdered Comet cleaner in a pinch.  This isn't rocket science. 
Add 2 Tbsp of bleach and fill the jar with boiling water.  Screw the lid on and shake it like a maraca at a fiesta. Periodically shake the jar over the next hour. You'll see the stains slowly fade away. This was mine at the 1 hour mark. 
Unscrew the cap and carefully dump out the bleach water.  Refill with plain water and shake again. Then refill with plain boiling water and let it sit for 15-20 minutes to help remove the rest of the bleach and detergent. When they're done they should look like this:
So.much.better!!! Let them dry and reinstall. 

Our playhouse repurposed into a chicken coop project is underway and should be up in a week or so!


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