Monday, January 12, 2015

The Nursery!

Now that #3 is due in just a few weeks (where has the time gone?!), I thought it was time to get the nursery put together. I am in full "nesting" mode. 18 month old, C, and the new baby will share a room since they're so close in age and the 4th bedroom is a playroom in progress. I used the same bedding C had in our old house but changed the wall color this time around.  Back when I was pregnant with C I found this great purple, aqua, lime pinwheel fabric and used that as my inspiration. It screamed fun and playful without much baby-ness. It was a print that would grow with her for a while. I got the majority of the room together in a day.  I swear Husband is going to have me committed one of these days and I'll have no chance to prove I'm not crazy.  I literally woke up Friday morning, knowing our friends would be arriving that evening to visit for the weekend, and said "I think I'll tear apart and redo C's room today." They called to let me know they were 5 minutes away and I was just packing up my tools. But it happened! The room is *almost* done.  Done enough that I can share pictures.  I have a huge round faux polar bear fur rug en route and pictures yet to hang.  

For the walls, I used the same gray that is in many of the first floor rooms.  The harsh coolness of it against the warm hardwood floors, dark furniture, and bright colors really looks nice.  The valance was up and needed a little uumph.  I found super cheap sheer panels from Ikea to soften the edges of the window.  

So without further adieu- here it is!

This is what it looked like before: beige walls with a ton of holes with a mint and mossy green closet. 

Update! A week after I posted this, the rug came in! I found a seller on etsy who makes faux fur rugs- and it is PHENOMENAL!!! It's soft, with a suede-like backing, full of long fur, and apparently washable. I can't attest to that part yet. I did pop it in the dryer for a few seconds to fluff the creases out and it tolerated that well.  As you can see from the photo, it's a big hit. Such a big hit that I have been trying for an hour to get a picture of her room without her on the rug and finally gave up. 


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