Thursday, September 4, 2014

Updates, Closet Redo, and Shower Heads

WE HAVE HARDWOOD FLOORS!!!  They're gorgeous.  I love them and want to make sawdust snow angles on them.  Oh- and that's my son.  He's the official tool sorter and retriever. 
To celebrate completing the first major hurdle, I decided to open a bottle of wine.  But my wine opener was stuck in a random box, on the moving trucks somewhere between our old house and this new house.  No worries- a long screw, screwdriver, and pair of pliers worked perfectly.  "Necessity is the mother of invention."
At this point I have no kitchen.  None. I have an empty room with a 3" thick cement floor.   In the meantime I need a temporary kitchen.  These are our favorite temporary shelves.  They are cheap and hold a lot of weight.  It's literally 2x4s and cinder blocks stacked up.  I did put 2 layers of cardboard under the bottom blocks to protect my floors. 
Monday came, I dropped off E to his first day of Kindergarten and stopped by Home Depot.  That place and I have become good friends.  My plan was to work on the master bedroom closet in between paint layers drying.  (Isn't my sidekick adorable?!)
This is what it looked like after I removed all the old shelving and finished painting. 

I decided to use ClosetMaid wire shelving.  Their website has a great tutorial on how to install.   Basically you 
*draw a level line
*evenly space and install the drywall hooks
*add shelf
*level again and add front clips
*pop the little end caps onto any cut edges of shelving and you're done!
To support a corner they make these nifty supports that work great.  Just make sure your shelves are level and even.  Then add the bottom supports, hooks for a hanging rod, the rod itself, and fill!
Then it was time to change out the shower heads.  I insist on having the ones with the handheld sprayer.  It makes rinsing the shower down after cleaning extremely easy.  

This is the one in the kids' bathroom.  Pretty isn't it? And yes, that's a twist tie holding the broken clip together.  Brother in law fixed it until I was able to replace it. 
Changing a shower head is extremely easy.  You literally unscrew the old one, remove the old teflon tape, clean, tape it up new, and screw on your new shower head. 
When buying teflon tape, the white color is made for water use.  Different colors are meant for other uses (like gas lines).   Always tape in a clockwise motion!  This keeps the tape from getting all bunched up when you screw on the new shower head. 
You need to go around the threads at least 2 full times.  I went for 3 for good measure.  
Make sure your new shower head comes with little gaskets (little black rubber rings).  They help to prevent leaks.  
Screw it on, check for leaks, and you're done!
This is the head I replaced in the master shower.  Notice the bunched up teflon tape?  It was put on in a counter-clockwise motion.  
Meet Duffy- our cat.  He's a stray that was roaming our neighborhood in Dec. 2012.  He came in "just until we found his owner."  No one claimed him, and we were all relieved.  This cat is awesome and a permanent member of our family.  Apparently I'm boring him with all my typing.  


  1. And for the environmentally unfriendly, pop the water flow piece out of the shower head for luxurious full spray!!

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