Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kitchen plans

  This morning on my way back to PA I stopped at my favorite home furnishing store- Ikea.  If there isn't an Ikea rehab facility, there probably needs to be.  That place is an addiction.  The prices are cheap, the products are gorgeous.  I'm not sure I have ever left there empty-handed.  When I first started toying around with replacing the kitchen I sat down with a kitchen planner program I found online and played with layouts.  I wanted more counter space, a breakfast bar, and a peninsula in place of the island.  There is very little wall space in our house.  We have huge windows everywhere.  It's amazing for letting light in but leaves layout and design options very limited.  There was really only 1 layout that would work for me.  I took my plans to 2 different big box retailers and had them price out a kitchen for me.  I was over $20,000 at both places.  Now I am not trying to give my husband a heart attack at such a young age so I had to come up with a different plan.  Then it hit me- Ikea!  Our PA house has a kitchen island from there.  Three years in and it's as solid as the day we built it.  So I hopped on their website and you can use your own kitchen measurements with their products and design a kitchen- it's fabulous!!!  Today was the day.  I went into the store, ordered my kitchen and Ceasarstone quartz counters and I came in UNDER $8000!!! Sure, I have to build the cabinets with an Allen wrench but hey, for a $12,000 savings I'd build them with toothpicks!  The cabinets will be delivered in flat boxes and I can put them together as time allows.  Once we have them all installed, the countertop people will come out, do an exact measurement, cut our counters, and install those for us.

Here is the existing layout: 

And now here is the new layout.  These images are screenshots of the Ikea kitchen design program I used.  Keep in mind, the double oven cabinet will also be gray but it didn't give me that option on the computer.  The wine rack next to the sink will also have a gray panel on the end to match the rest of the kitchen.  The peninsula counters will overhang 12" on the back to give me my breakfast bar.  I accidentally bumped the sliding glass door in the program and just noticed- it won't be that close to the peninsula in real life. 

Here is a picture of the actual counter and cabinet together
The price on the cabinet just lets you compare the prices of different styles using a basic kitchen model.  That wasn't my cabinet total, sadly.  But all the cabinet style doors and counter options are laid out for you to move around and try out.  It really lets you get a feel for what you're buying. 

If you can't tell, I am EXTREMELY excited about my new kitchen.  Hopefully it lives up to my expectations. 

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