Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hardwood Floors

After a much anticipated delivery, which was delayed several times, our hardwood arrived!  We ordered our flooring from  For what we wanted (upper-level, solid oak in 3ish inch planks) they were by far the cheapest. We didn't want open knots.  Closed knots (ones you can't feel when you run your hand over the plank) were fine as long as there were only a few.  We wanted longer average board lengths, and somewhat consistent color.  Build Direct offers a level above what we ordered that includes even longer board lengths, no knots whatsoever, and a very consistent color.  We wanted our floors to have a bit of character while still maintaining their class.  The standard level worked perfectly for us.  Due to some unforeseen shipping issues, our order was delayed from late Thursday/ early Friday until Monday.  An on-time delivery gave Husband and Brother-in-Law 7 days to let the flooring acclimate to its new surroundings (absolutely necessary) and then install the whole upstairs and living room.  It would have been tight but doable.  When the order was delayed that threw a massive wrench in the plans!  The movers would be here to unload all of our furniture and put it where- the front yard? Yikes! Thankfully Build Direct worked with me and agreed to split an additional fee to get the flooring here Saturday.  They don't guarantee shipping dates.  So if you order from them, know that the date they give you may be an estimate.  A 20" semi trick and trailer made it down our windy, narrow private road and up to our house.  The driver left me a very harried voicemail worried he wasn't going to make it- but like a pro, he did!  He dropped off the trailer and left.  Husband, BIL, and I had to unload 7,857 POUNDS/ 2816 square feet of hardwood flooring.  That's 110 boxes of solid wood.  It's hot in Virginia this time of year!  Their hard work only cost me a case of beer, some awesome tacos, and a cast iron skillet apple crisp- it was worth every penny! Want to see just how much flooring we ordered?
That's the first floor load- about half.  There used to be stained carpet in this room.  We discovered that the slightly funky smell in this house left with the carpet.  Yay!  We were very lucky that the subfloor is in excellent condition. So far none has to be replaced but the kitchen floor hasn't been torn out yet.  
The flooring has been spread throughout the house.  Ideally you'd lay each box side by side and open them- we don't have the space for that.  We removed the plastic from the boxes and hope that's enough.  It has to be enough.  So starting on Monday or Tuesday, the flooring installation will begin.  I'll make sure to post a tutorial once we get the hang of it. Would you like to see what's inside those beauuuuutiful boxes?! 
¾ inch thick,  3½ inch wide, butterscotch oak. These are a thing of beauty! I'm hoping the color adds a warmth to this home.  The nice thing about the company we used is that they'll send you 5 free samples.  No credit card, no email address, just pick your samples and tell them where to send them.  It really makes a difference to see them in person.  I didn't love this color on the computer but in person it is perfect.  Very- butterscotchy. ;) 

So since we had to wait around for the flooring to acclimate, we were able to patch all the holes in the drywall.  If you remember, we had PB pipes throughout our house.  We hired a plumber to replace them with PEX- an awesome product!  We opted to do the drywall repair ourselves once the plumber was done.  You'll notice some patches in the above pictures and a ton of filled nail holes.  The previous owners were early American antique collectors- they had walls full of neat things.  But with them moving out, there were hundreds upon hundreds of nail holes everywhere. Were. Past tense. Those are now gone and I can get to painting the walls once I finish with the movers at our PA house.  

Until next time! 

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