Monday, August 11, 2014

Before Pictures of the House

What an overwhelming welcome!  Looking at the stats from my website's first 12 hours it seems to have reached 22 states and nearly 400 views.  Thank you so much for sharing!

It's hard to describe with photos but they don't do the house justice, the positives or the negatives.  This house is phenomenal.  Really.  But there is a lot of work that needs to happen to get it to its potential.  As we move through the process, the list of things to be done may change.  We plan to live in the house as we redo it which adds a whole new level of difficulty.

All photos are courtesy of the listing agent (Teresa Irish).  We had a lot of good laughs working with her and she also sees the potential in this house.  I cannot wait for her to see it all finished.

So without further adieu:

Front of the house (fence to the right houses the pool)
Wraparound porch covers 2.5 sides of the house
Wraparound porch
In-ground pool!
This last corner and piece of the porch will be re-screened.
Dining room leading to living room as seen from standing in the kitchen
Living room french doors leading to the back of the wraparound porch
Other half of the living room
Half bath off entry way
Kitchen 2
Fireplace in the master bedroom
Master closet
Master bath, separate shower and commode are to the right. 
Bedroom 2 (3 is very similar to this)
Bedroom 4. This divided room comprises the space over the garage
The other half of bedroom 4
2nd Full bath on 2nd floor
Walkout basement! (The ceilings are extremely tall)
Basement view from the other way

 Our plans as of now.  For starters, the pipes in the house will be replaced.  We currently have PB, polybutylene, pipes.  Copper fittings were used when they were installed but PB is known to leak.  We have heard form several plumbers that "if it hasn't leaked in 20 years, it likely won't."  In our opinion it's just safer to have it replaced and be one less thing to worry about later.  We want to finish the basement but we don't want to include an indoor pool with those plans.  A plumber has been hired to handle that part of the remodel.  He's a wonderful, young, knowledgeable guy.  The next part of the redo will be floors.  All flooring will be pulled up and replaced with hardwood floors.  There is hardwood in there now but it's mismatched.  Each room is a different color or board width.  I want a consistent floor throughout the home.  I'm hoping to save some of the hardwood we pull up and re-purpose it in the living room or bedroom part of the basement.  The last major thing on the immediate list is to gut the kitchen.  We are going to save the appliances and re-purpose the existing cabinets elsewhere in the house.  A few of the current cabinets will be repainted and head to the laundry room.  The rest will be split between the garage and the future kitchenette in the basement.  The black fridge in the kitchen will also head to the basement and be replaced with a stainless version to match the other appliances.  The kitchen I chose is from Ikea.  Have you ever browsed their kitchen department?! Talk about tons of options!  Somehow Husband and I have to build an entire kitchen with a couple allen wrenches.  My friend, Brooke, had the brilliant idea to frame those wrenches when we're finished- such a great idea.  The quartz counters will be professionally installed.  Sometimes it's necessary to let the professionals handle things.  So that's what we're looking to accomplish in the next month.  We've already made the trip to a home improvement store and put a dent in our checking account buying a bunch of fun new tools.  I finally have the double-bevel, sliding miter saw of my dreams in my new garage!!

Until the plumber finishes and the hardwood arrives, I have a couple unrelated projects to post about.  I'm about to start an awesome little sewing project for a mom-to-be.  If you like to sew and need a baby shower gift idea, keep an eye out for that post.  It's one of my favorite things to sew as it's fast and so useful!


  1. My sister used to live in VA. They called the room over the garage The Frog. Front room over garage! I guess she said that's what the realitor called it lol

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